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In-Car Software

Updating over-the-air (OTA)

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Upcoming functions and improvements will be available via over-the-air (OTA), the remote update service. This gives you the opportunity to access the latest software updates for your car without having to visit a workshop.



How to update over-the-air


All over-the-air (OTA) software updates are sent directly to your car. An update consists of two phases: a download phase while you are using the car and an installation phase when the car is not in use. Note that the time it takes for the download depends on the sizeof the software package.


Download – while the car is in use


1. The software package is automatically downloaded in the background when you drive the car. Sometimes the package can be extensive and take longer time to download – up to two hours in total. If you stop driving before the package is downloaded, the download will resume the next time you drive.


Installation – while the car is not in use


2. Once the new software is downloaded, you will receive a notification in the car’s centre display that the update is ready to install along with instructions on how to proceed.

3. You may choose to start the installation immediately or later at your convenience. If you choose to do the latter, the notification will be dismissed, but you can easily find it again by swiping the screen from the top to access notifications.


  • The car needs to be locked during software installation. The installation has a maximum duration of 90 minutes and the car cannot be used when installation is in progress.
  • For pure electric cars, please ensure that the high-voltage battery level is higher than 40% before installation.
  • It is important that the car is not charging the high-voltage battery during any software installation.

4. To start installation: press the install button in the centre display. Leave the car and lock the doors.

5. You will be informed that the installation has been completed via a notification in the car’s centre display and in the Volvo Cars app.


  • If the installation is not successful, please contact your Volvo dealer.
  • If you experience any issues with the over-the-air (OTA) update installation, or issues with the car in any other way, do not hesitate to contact Volvo Cars customer service (via phone or the Volvo Cars app) or your Volvo workshop.

We hope you will enjoy the new functionalities of your Volvo!


Applicable models:


S90, model year 2022 and later

V60 Cross Country, model year 2023 and later

XC40 (mild hybrid), model year 2023 and later

XC60, XC60 Recharge, model year 2022 and later

XC90, XC90 Recharge, model year 2023 and later